5 Amazing Blogs Every Writer Should Read

Becoming a writer is about not only being able to write, but being able to read and learn from the work of others. These 5 blogs offer writing tips and prompts that are guaranteed to improve your skills.

1. Jeff Goins’ blog, Goins Writer, offers valuable tips on writing and marketing. The blog boasts over 100 pages of blog content, including a recent article I enjoyed reading called “Why I’m Practically Giving My Book Away“.

2. The Write Life concentrates on the technical side of things – writing tips are a given, but the blog also gives insight into the professional world of writing, including tips on how to self-publish.

3. A recent discovery of mine has been Teens Can Write, Too, a WordPress focused on teenage writers. The blog hosts long, comprehensive posts that combine fun GIFs with serious advice for young writers. I was especially won over when they published “5 Reasons Why Ella (Enchanted) Is A True Woman Of Fiction“, about one of my favourite characters.

4. For anyone with a WordPress, The Daily Post, a blog run by the WordPress editors, is bound to up your blogging game significantly. Every Monday, they host a Community Pool that allows bloggers to ask and reply to questions about running a successful blog.

5. Laura Thomas Communications, the blog I also write for, is an amazing blogging platform. Though it is hosted by Laura Thomas, she has an amazing team of young writers who edit and write posts. The blog targets youth specifically, and I would recommend it highly even if I didn’t work there. Check out the short story contest that the blog holds annually!


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